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Optical fiber flower -> SL110 Daisy Flower with Pot

SL110 Daisy Flower with Pot

Item #: SL110      Model #: MI010DUC-DA

Solar Flower pot + Optical fiber flowers is a combination of plastic pot with 4 solar powered LEDs and a variety of colorful optical fiber flowers, which appear a vivid solar miniascape. This miniascape looks lively during the day among the living flowers in your garden, then when the sun goes down the real show begins with this fantastic surreal light. This product will add charm to any garden, walkway, deck or patio and can also be used to decorate anywhere as the real potted does in your house. 

Available with various designs.

[ Features ]

Flower pot with optical fiber flower

Color/Finish: total 11 colors in white, blue, green , yellow and so on

Material: Plastic pot and optical fiber flower

Pot size: 157*162cm